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BA medical assessment
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Hey Guys+

I have a medical assessment in February and was wondering if anyone knows if BA are quite strict on Scoliosis? I have a very mild curvature of the spine which dosnt limit me in anyway. I am extremely fit and healthy! And have no limitations in terms of movement and strength. I know many airlines such as Qatar and middle East are quite strict but can't find anything on here about BA's views? Any help would be great! Thanks!
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Hi guys,
Im trying shed light on my situation although I have researched on the CAA website on this and understand if control/maintenance established a member is fit.

I am and have been an insulin dependant diabetic since birth 29years now initially made Diabetic type 1 having my pancreas removed resulting with a normal as possible lifestyle. This was the only option so have been self managing since 16 where Epilepsy with seizures while sleep was also in play. Both of the conditions have been self controlled/maintained with medication aswell as life/health balance.

So to narrow down I have no longer got Epilepsy as I have been fitfree since 2004 and medication2008. Have been well ever since where established Epilepsy gone. Diabetes still a condition with no recent or lengthy problems requiring any hospitalisation or serious concerns. I have foot ulcers which also like the diabetes is managed to ensure comfort/prevention of hard skin with foam. None of the current or previous conditions have side effects or difficulty of understanding,operating ,following instructions as cabin crew.

Also is A passport required for the first assessment date,as I have mine on 8th Jan and needed to know although the CAA website states not as you can use a birth certificate and confirm afdress? Is this so as I need to apply for a passport which if no issue after assessment date but before next stage of application.

Anyone who knows and can advise on above could enlighen the situation please......
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Does anyone know if you need an EASA medical certificate? or do BA provide this?

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Hello dollies, hope you all having a fantastic training or flying at your current airline

I’d like to recommend you a personalised passport case that I’ve been using (I turn it into a mini purse when I’m down route as I have all important docs with me and don’t want to leave them in hotel room)

The website I ordered from is
And I followed them on IG: personalisedpassportcover

Hope this helps for the newbies. Happy flying! ??
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Unlikely but go with a letter from your GP regarding the situation. I’ve been asked to supply the same and also produce medical records from over a decade ago regarding my treatment. He explained that it is an EASA requirement but didn’t foresee any problems.
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Just take your glasses with you. Nothing to worry about. The eyesight test is run of the mill stuff.
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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if the following medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes is acceptable for the cabin crew medical assessment:


Also, what does the hearing test involve? Is the same as the pilots, an audiogram? Or just a whisper test with your back turned away?

Many thanks for your feedback on this.

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Hey buntty,

On the hearing test I had mine end of January and it was just a whisper test with your back turned away
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Thanks for your reply Sophie.

Could you give me a bit more detail on the hearing test?

Do you have to cover one ear at a time? And cover your ear by pressing on the tragus? Or just listen with both ears?

Do they say words or a combination of letters and numbers like K-2-B?

This is a mad question, but how quiet was their voice can you liken it to anything?

As you can tell I am worried about this part of the test!

Many thanks for your advice.

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Does anyone know what the dress code is for the medical/uniform fitting?

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