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BA medical assessment
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Hi guys, i was wondering about BA's medical assesment!  Is it done by a BA doctor or is it your own GP as a questionnaire?  And what are the vision requirements? as i dont have perfect vision in one of my eyes!

cheers for your help guys

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It was, as far as I can remember, just a questionnaire sent out to you that you fill in and send back.
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Yep that is correct, you fill it out and any other details that they require they will phone you 
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Does anybody know what the new medical assesment consists of ? As I heard they changed it from paper form on the 8th April ?

Cheers x
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Ding Duck
I'd like to know too
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If you have a look on the CAA website it details requirements for new cabin crew medicals from 8th april- as far as I'm aware you need things like blood pressure, respiratory function just testing by the doctor- nothing major!! CAA website has all the guidance- and this applies to all the UK airlines is it's the CAA requirements x
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Hi, I have recently had medical, it is the standard medical. They check height, weight and blood pressure. They ask for a urine sample and complete an eye test. You then see the Dr who listens to your heart and lungs. Also discusses any medical complaints to have put down on the form
I hope this helps!
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Ding Duck
Thanks, doesn't sound too scary!
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No not scary, both nurse and doc were lovely and very approachable
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Does anyone know if you will be rejected for having mild depression in the past but are completely clear now?

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