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BA CityFlyer questions and answers
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I have set up this new thread for cityflyer questions, answers and interview queries.
Please post all topics relating to cityflyer within this thread rather than flooding the main BA forum page.

Many thanks
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I got my AD at 11.30 next Thursday 19th, Does anyone know where City Aviation House is in relation to the DLR station and terminal building?

Thank you.
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Hi everyone,

very happy to say I've been invited to an AD for CityFlyer. I've read everything I can online about CityFlyer and trawled through the threads on here too, which has given me a lot of info.

Just wondering if someone could clear up a few unanswered questions though:

1 - Is the hourly flight pay paid from clock on to clock off?

2 - What are the allowances like for nightstops? How are these paid?

3 - I'm a Londoner but potentially interested in relocating to Edinburgh at some point in the future. What flights do EDI crew operate? Is it solely there and backs to LCY?

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When is your AD Robotboy?

I think the hourly rate is paid from check in to check out at London
City, that is normally how it works.

Your Allowances is the hourly rate. Your accommodation is paid for. The email they send you with the reference form has a attachment with all useful information on pay etc.
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I'd rather remain anonymous so won't say when my AD is, but it's not the same day as yours!

Ah, so there's no allowance for nightstops other than the hourly flight pay, but you are paid for every hour that you are away? Seems reasonable enough.

I haven't received the references form yet, so I'll look out for the more detailed information when I get the email through.

Best of luck with your AD - really hope to be flying together soon!
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hi, i study part time, three days a week, mainly in the mornings till the mid afternoon, is it possibly to apply for the cabin crew position at Lcy, and bid to have those mornings free, then work start work late in the afternoon or do an evening shift?
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Well Done RobotBoy on ur AD and good luck to you when it comes.

Not got any answers to your questions though unfo

I've still not received the references form...any idea when they usually send it?

Cheers guys!x x
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Re: Gifty

To be honest I don't think they'd allow that since its a full time position I think you need to be quite flexible but i may be wrong so maybe best to ring/email recruitment?

Sorry cant be of more help. Good luck!x
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skyhigh85 I waited a week after I booked my AD to recieve the email with your reference forms.

I know that you also get a London weighting on top of the salary then your hourly pay.

Good luck to everyone
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Just wondering if anyone is able to provide details of the CityFlyer conditions/pay? There is plenty of information for Mixed Fleet but wouldn't mind being based closer to central London...


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