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Zuzanna Sikorska

Hey everyone,

I've got a BA assessment day/ interview on a Teams meeting coming up soon, and I was just wondering if anyone has already gone through this assessment day? If so what was it like?

Any tips would be much appreciated !!!

To anyone who has yet to attend an assessment day for BA, good luck and YOU'LL SMASH IT !!



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Hi Zuzanna, I have mine tomorrow 17th but no link to the teams meeting yet, Ive emailed them but no response yet! have you had yours? 

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Zuzanna Sikorska

Hey, yes I had my assessment day today. It might take some time for the email with the link to come through. But, don't stress !! you will definitely receive the link before your assessment day.

Good luck !!!

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Oh brilliant, how did it go? I do hope so as its at 8.30 tomorrow 😂 

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Zuzanna Sikorska

The energy was great. First off they give you a presentation about BA, then you have individual role plays and the last stage is the interview.

Then about a week later we should get an email with the outcome !

Thanks :)

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I'm really looking forward to it, sounds like you had a really positive day.  Yes I read it said 7-10 days so fingers crossed you smashed it.  How many people were on the day?

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Zuzanna Sikorska

I think there was about 25 people on the call x

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Hey Zuzanna! I have mine tomorrow and I was wondering if there is any assessment regarding the cabin crew knowledge as I applied with attestation and it has been some time since the course I did! Thank you and good luck! 

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Hello all,

I've got a slot on the virtual assessment coming up and wondered how the group activity works.

I attended an assessment day with BA in 2018 when things were normal and we were put in groups of 6 and given an exercise to talk about how we would spend a budget on upgrading an airport terminal building ... but I'm wondering how this kind of activity would work on a Teams meeting! Please can anyone shed any light? Does it work ok? Thank you!

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Tommy Long

Im pretty sure there is no longer a group activity. Instead it's just the role play and everyone does an interview, so no one get sent home mid-way through. 

At least thats how I am reading it. 

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Zainab Kitchilan

Hi everyone!! 

I’ve got my assessment day on Wednesday and I’m a bit anxious about it. 

I’ve got a doubt. So it says I need to show I’ve got the right to work in the uk, so my passport is Italian and to get a work visa for the uk I need a sponsor. 

Does anyone knows how it works? 

Thank youuuu 😵‍💫

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