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Assessments, interviews & start dates
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I wonder if you can tell me if your interview was the same as for cabin crew...or was it different? Thank you!
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usually yes. i was told over the phone i was successful 2 weeks after my AD (my AD was jan 8th) but got the email with my start date last week. just sent off my references and done the welcome pack/ contract signing. over the moon ?? still crazy to think i got the job just after turning 18!
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Hey guys,
Anybody here with the start date 3rd June??
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Hey, Just wondering if anyone has a start date of April 12th?
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Originally posted by @ttt
You can see your feetback online in your personal profile.. do they still have 6months waiting policy to re-apply?
Dont give up! You know what went wrong and you can work on that

The feedback is only referring to the online application, not the interview sadly. Yes it's a six month wait before having to go through the whole damned online process again before even getting an invite to another AD.

I have a good grasp on what went wrong now I feel, but I'm not 100% sure without a form of feedback.
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Hi, anyone with a start date of June 14th?
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Hey there! Anyone starting on the 13th of June? (Gatwick base)
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Hi Guys anyone set for a start date of May 28th?!
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So sorry to hear you were unsuccessful! Many people are though on their first attempt! I have lots of resources on my website to help you be successful next time if you’re interested!
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Hey guys,

I received a conditional job offer for World Class Crew LHR last week. I had to submit another document which I did & the lady on the phone said I need to wait for a start date and they will be in touch.

I know it's probably hard to tell but roughly how long did everyone else wait for a start date?

Thank you.

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