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Assessments, interviews & start dates
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As a way to tidy up the forum can everyone please post here regarding upcoming assessment days, results & start dates, so we can keep it on one thread instead of the numerous multiple threads appearing on the BA forum - thanks

You can comment to any individual posts by clicking reply to post (number) in the top right hand corner of each post.

Any new posts that appear as new threads will be deleted - sorry
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Anyone going to an AD on 19th October?
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My assessment date is on the 04th of october at 1145 please let me know who is going
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Contract and starter pack finally arrived yesterday
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Hi guys

If any of you are on the "17th November" training course we've finally got a facebook group going!
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"***AD 16th September 2011***"

Hey guys,

Anyone from the 16th September heard anything yet?
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I had my AD on the 16th September in the morning, just found out I was successful!!!! I am so happy, words can't describe. My god, a dream come true.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! I just found out I was successful too! Now just need to wait for the start date
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Congratulations guys - Welcome to Mixed Fleet
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Congratulations Stephen, well done mate. Hopefully we have the same course date. Been a nerve wracking weekend. I can sleep well now LOL.

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