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Bmi Brs base?
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Hey all.
So I've done 9 years with EasyJet, then stepped away from flying for a bit.
Just done a season with TUI and got the bug back.

TUI is seasonal so I was thinking of applying for BMI.
I've heard it's a fair few night stops, is this correct?
Can anyone give me an idea of what rosters I'd be looking at?

Any info appreciated ??
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Hi there. Sorry I've only just came across your post.
I'm ex crew with bmi regional and to be honest there is a lot of night stops, especially from the bristol base.
They do a lot of charter flights and you'd find you spend a lot of time night stopping in germany/scandinavia.

Roster patters vary bit.. you can get 6/3, 5/2, 5/3, 4/2.. its simply just down to what the operation requires.

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