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Waiting after Application
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I applied for both Cabin Crew and Senior Cabin Crew based at Manchester.
I applied on the 12th March and still not heard back.

Is anyone in the same position?

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A lot of people are waiting - myself included. Rumours are more than 3500 people applied for the role. Nobox has contacted a few people back for assessments and documents. Not sure if it's for crew or senior roles. My guess is if you haven't heard back now you're probably not successful. I wouldn't beat yourself up if you don't hear anything from them. With the industry in near collapse since last year, they will have crew apply with relevant 321/330 experience, visas etc... so they can afford to be extra picky in who they want.
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Thanks for your reply :)

Yeah they must be making their way through applications- that’s a lot of people.

I have 6 years cabin crew experience and have my Attestation and in date medical and US visa but still heard nothing.
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I applied for Senior, and I’m waiting for my interview. Closing date is today, so still time!
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I'm similar. More than 10 years of experience in senior and junior roles. Visas and medicals. Like Paddy said, they close today so fingers crossed they get back to us.
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Thank you both :)

Fingers crossed we hear soon. Good luck
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Good luck to those of you who are still waiting, I’m sure you will hear something soon..

With the amount of applications for limited numbers to employ makes it a minefield..
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I applied on 12th March and I’ve done the tests, video interview and submitted my documents just waiting on the face to face video call interview.

I did read through somewhere that NoBox / crewlink don’t send unsuccessful email they just leave you hanging.

Don’t know how true that is.

I’ve friends who have done the video interview but haven’t been asked for documents so they must be to some extent filtering people out.

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