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Sinead Mann
Video Interview
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Sinead Mann
Hi I have a video interview to complete can anyone tell me anything about it. Thanks.
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As far as I know its like a virtual one to one interview. Dress like you would going to the interview and have a proper cabin crew manner about you. The questions are general interview questions - i would research emirates interview questions because i think they would be quite similar - lasts about 10 mins.

I am wondering what is the next stage after this? Is it a phone call to say a yes or no to the job or another interview?
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Hi Dolly,
Just wondering how your video interview for Aer Lingus went? What questions were you asked etc, how did it go? I've just got called for a video interview for Aer Lingus, have to complete it by next wk x
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Hi id love to find out more about this too.. I have to do mine before the 5th..
Hopefully someone wi give us an idea looks like its about 10 mins long
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Please help I have video interview today.. does anyone have any tips on how this is done or what they will ask me.

Thank you.
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Hi Jojo,

A friend of mine who works with Aer Lingus said she thinks it's a really short interview where they give u the questions and you can prepare your answers and then press record when ur ready to go. She said it's fairly standard with questions like 'why do you want to work for aer lingus etc'
Although in saying that she never had to do one. It must be a fairly new thing for the recruitment process because she's with them about two yrs and only had a face to face interview. I might do mine tomorrow (if I ain't too hungover!) so I'll let u know how I get on x
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I have an online and video interview tomorrow with Aer Lingus.. and Im a bit nervous about it.. can anyone tell me something about it?
Please, I appreciate so much

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