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Aer Lingus - Tattoo restrictions.
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask if someone working at EI can give me the definitive answer on Aer Lingis' tattoo rules.

I was successful for my SCCM interview for MAN base. In the interview the interviewers asked me if I had any tattoos. I said I did, including one on my upper arm. There were lots of questions about how far down my arm it reaches (it comes from my shoulder to my elbow) and the result was a case of 'if you are successful in the interview we will have to see it at the reach/crew seat assessment'.

Obviously the bottom of the tattoo would be visible if I was wearing a short sleeve shirt but if i'm right guys can wear long sleeve shirts in Aer Lingus uniform?

Anyway, I now have a course start date and the information instructs me to 'wear a short sleeve shirt for the height/reach/crew seat assessment'.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks :-)
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Davide pischedda

Hi Jake,

I was wandering the same thing. I have a tattoo on my upper arm just above the elbow. Did you finally attend the Aer Lingus training course? Did you have any issue with that?

Thanks in advance!


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