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Aer Lingus Manchester summer 2021
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They still don’t have an Air Operators Certificate yet, and they’ve requested to operate the flights under a BA code.
Also given the US is now in the Amber list, both issues likely aren’t helping the recruitment situation.

But as far as I’m aware, it’s not “closed” yet, there aren’t enough courses for there to be 120 CC already.
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raffaella scappi
They are transferring people from Ireland . That’s why only 2 trainings were scheduled
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I wondered the same thing....I returned my attestation, passport, photo, medical details five weeks ago but haven't had any date for the offered 1 to 1 interview yet (I applied for CC).....won't give up hope for a chance to progress.
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Someone said they got a job recently but can’t get a course because they’ve only got two courses so far and they’re full. I don’t think they’ve fired 120CC. I get some have come from Ireland but not many from what I’ve heard on the grapevine. Just be positive. Nobody has rejected you yet.
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raffaella scappi
I’ve heard 40 people from Dublin . Not sure how many from cork snn and Belfast .
Do they send rejection emails ? Has anybody received one ?
I really hope the process is not closed because I’m still waiting for an interview as well
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If it's the case that people have been transferred from Ireland, then the statement at the launch that 120 new jobs are being created is, somewhat misleading then
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Anyone else in here on the training course starting 31st May?
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Hey! Did you get the 31st May from that email which came through this morning?
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Yeah I did but apparently it’s just a placeholder date??
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After nearly 3 months they sent out rejection emails today. Several of my friends got them today. Still waiting for me.

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