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Aer Lingus Manchester summer 2021
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Hello hope everyone is well.

Just a little post in-regards to the recent news about Aer Lingus flying from Manchester.

I see there’s 1 A330 and 3 A321.

Does any of the current employees know if they will open the base and recruit? Or if the Manchester flights will be crewed with Irish Bases?

Anything would be good.

Would you please only post *confirmed* info please.
Last we need is speculation
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At the moment, there is no "confirmed" information, it's all purely speculation.

The Manchester flights aren't confirmed, the company have accepted the slots as a contingency, in case Irish air travel restrictions are still in place come S21.

See here:

"Consequently it is seeking the slots from Manchester as a contingency and may not take them up."

If the flights do come to fruition, then the Cabin Crew recruitment situation may become messy, as i'm sure the unions in Ireland will not want long-haul flights operated by non-irish crews operating from Manchester if they aren't even operating from Ireland. Aer Lingus may use a third-party contractor (as they did with LGW way back when, and as they have done for foreign cabin crew for the past few summers), like Nobox or CAE.

However, unfortunately, until anything is confirmed, then there won't be anything set in stone when it comes to CC recruitment :(
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raffaella scappi
Hi there . Does anybody know if ei will hire new crew or move crew from Ireland please ?
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New crew will be hired on local contracts
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raffaella scappi
Is that official ?
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Originally posted by @Airgirl2020
Is that official ?

Yeah, the new UK AOC will require them to hire new crew on UK contracts, same thing Ryanair and Wizz Air etc are doing right now
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raffaella scappi
I hope you are right , but unfortunately they could simply put some Irish crew under a uk contract . That’s what they are doing with pilots
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Not quite, the pilots being "moved" from the Aer Lingus AOC to Aer Lingus UK are already British pilots, with CAA issued licenses. Pilots with licenses from an EU Member state can't operate without a UK Validation, so it's likely they'll also hire external pilots.

For Cabin Crew, cabin crew attestations issued from outside the UK before 01/01/21 will be valid for 2 years, after that, to operate on a UK registered aircraft, you'll need a UK CAA Attestation and also a UK AME Certificate.

And since both Flight and Cabin Crew can't work for both Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus UK, it's likely both will be recruited externally as well as internally
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Any updates from the inside with terms of recruitment?

Papers last week were saying the routes were due to launch the 1st of May, with MCO taking off at 11 am. They were also meant to be on sale Friday but didn't. The Independent said it was delayed due to the US Department for Transport not approving the routes due to it being closed most of last week because of the riots in the Capitol.

Rumours are the new 321NEO's will be delivered to Manchester for registration in about 3-4 weeks, with the A330's coming for re-registration shortly after. Fingers crossed.

I can imagine if there is external recruitment happening it will be extremely busy and popular. So many crew out of work or crew that live in the north, but work out of the south, will be desperate for this role. They can definitely afford to be picky. Much like Norwegian, I imagine they'll more likely hire a crew with in-date medicals, US visas and attestations issued by the UK DOT.
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raffaella scappi
I was wandering the same . Flights are not on sale and the approval is still pending . No idea if they will open the recruitment externally as so many of us are waiting to be brought back .

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