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Aer Lingus Interview Madrid 23/10/19
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Could anyone tell me how is Aer Lingus Interview face to face ? Some tips?
What’s the reach test? And.. what about the English test ?
Is it difficult ?

Please, I’m so excited and nervous about it! I have the interview next Wednesday!
Thank you everybody! Hope you can help me??????
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Hi ya, im Carlos, sent my cv they have contact me by email asking to resend my cv and if i have any tatoo, but didnt confirm any appoinment, so i still wating, do they call you or email you? Are u Spanish, cause im too!
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Hi Carlos! Yes I’m from Spain, they emailed me, and told me that they wanted to make me a face to face interview next Wednesday, I did not received anything else, or nothing about tattoos . Sorry, I hope this can answer your questions.
Good luck to you!’
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Hola, They had contacted me, i did the Online aseessment and the Video Interview, i think the next step will be telling to me if im succesfull or not, think will be not necesary the assesment in madrid for me, im not really sure, any way i will be prepare to go to Madrid at anytime!
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I now live in Southern Spain about 45 minutes east of Malaga Airport. I was wondering if Aer Lingus will be hiring for Malaga or Madrid? And if you are based in Dublin, can you still live in Spain and commute (fly) in the night before? And can you fly free on Aer Lingus?

Thank you.
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Did you ever get hired by Aer Lingus in Madrid?

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