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What is an airline video interview?

Kirsty is back with us again and this month she’s focusing on video interviews and why you should know about them before you start applying for airline jobs! Take a look at Kirsty’s recording below!

I hate talking to a screen! 

That is the most common complaint I hear from candidates asked to record a video interview as the second stage of many airline recruitment processes.

It is something most of us will have to get used to as screen based screening has fast become the favoured method of many employers.

And, it doesn’t matter what role you seek; Aircraft Engineer, Pilot, Airline Professional and Cabin Crew are being asked to complete a “Video Interview”.  

I would say it is the second stage of the recruitment process, as the first stage is your application and resume.


Let me demystify the ‘Video Interview’ as opposed to the ‘Video Conference’ or meeting. 

A video meeting or video conference is about interacting with other people.  If you are asked to connect on the following platforms you can be pretty sure you are in an actual meeting or face-to-face video link interview:

  • Webex
  • Gotomeeting
  • Google hangouts
  • Facetime


The video interview is different. It is a recorded process where you are talking to a screen. It is an automated system where you record your answers to between 3-10 questions in a timed and pre-set format. These questions differ from employer to employer.

If you are asked to use the following platforms, you are being asked to record a video interview:

  • Facecruit
  • Hirevue
  • Jobma


Other things to know

  • You need to treat this as you would any other formal interview, and prepare.
  • You will not progress in the recruitment process if you do not present well at this stage.


Preparation checklist

    1. Ensure you have a reliable Internet connection. (Note: If you are in an area with poor Internet and cannot complete the video within the time lines, let them know, they may well give you an extension).
    2. Wear a suit or formal interview attire always.
    3. Ensure the background of your video is a blank wall. (Note: nothing busy or that looks like you are sitting in your bedroom – yes that has happened).
    4. Test your laptop microphone; If they cannot hear you they cannot assess you.
    5. Don’t read notes. Yes, we can always tell if you are reading notes.
    6. Smile. This creates a great first impression, simple I know but trust me, it is important.
    7. Use the time they give you to think about your answer before you record the real thing. You usually receive 20-30 seconds after reading each question to think about your answer before recording starts. Use that time well.
    8. Answer using facts, examples and evidence.  Just as you would in a face-to-face interview. Aviation employers are not interested in fluffy opinion based answers.
    9. Practice talking to a screen.  Nobody really likes it as it feels a little weird, so practice recording yourself on your phone or laptop first.

Everything we do seems to revolve around screens. Recruitment is no different, the quicker you become comfortable with screens the easier it will be to navigate the job market and the globally connected community and workplace we are part of in the aviation industry.


Here’s to your career taking off!

Author, speaker, career coach and entrepreneur, Kirsty thrives on the diversity and innovation of business in the coaching space. Founding Pinstripe Solutions in 2000 in response to the collapse of Ansett Airlines her Executive Coaching business has grown to specialize in Pilot, Cabin Crew, Aircraft Engineering, and Aviation Corporate Interview Preparation. Her team of off-site coaches works worldwide in 15+ countries via a unique online business model. Amassing an incredible social media following through relentless blogging and career hub contributions, Kirsty uses her platform to advocate for aviation as a career, to mentor and encourage self-knowledge, change and innovation. Kirsty has recently joined the Advisory Board for ‘Inflighto’ ( a groundbreaking industry app Kirsty has presented at Griffith and Sydney Universities, industry forums and drives airline careers through her Secondary School talks and Mentoring programs.

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