By DebbieH 01 Mar 2021 7 min read

What to expect in the Cabin Crew application process

The cabin crew application process will take place over the course of a few weeks and it will consist of various different hurdles which you will confidently need to overcome.

In this blog, our industry partner, Cabin Crew Wings, share their thoughts on what you need to consider throughout the process and what you can expect at each stage.


Before You Start

Before you start the application process for any job, it’s important that you have taken a good look at the basic job requirements.

If you feel like you can confidently meet these requirements, the next step is to make sure you have everything that you will need to hand (to complete the online application.)

You could be asked to upload a cover letter, a copy of your CV, or recent photographs of yourself. Make sure that everything is up to date, saved in the correct format and clearly labelled.


Spelling and Grammar

Although the application form will generally involve a lot of tick-box questions, there will be other sections where you’ll be expected to fill out personal information. You may also be asked to answer a question, or provide a short personal summary.

It’s really important that you proofread for spelling or grammar, as mistakes here look unprofessional and they will be picked up on by the recruitment team.


Screening Questions

At the start of the online application, you might be asked to complete some simple screening questions. These are designed to make sure that you understand the requirements of the role, and that you are aware of things such as the height and reach restriction rules.


Next Steps

After completing and submitting your online assessment, you’ll receive an email from the airline to confirm it’s been received.

Some airlines will use sophisticated screening software to process your form; the software will check if you’re a good ‘fit’ for their airline. In these cases, you’ll usually hear back quite quickly with an email confirming whether or not your initial application has been successful – sometimes even on the same day.

If you’ve made it through to the next stage, a few things could happen, depending on which airline you’ve applied to. Most commonly, you’ll be asked to complete a series of short psychometric ability tests.

These types of tests can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never come across them before. Try not to worry – they’re in place to examine your personality and character, to see how suited you’d be to a cabin crew role.

In the test, you will be given a scenario, and then a multiple choice of answers for you to answer how you would react in that situation.

At this stage, there’s also the possibility that you could be asked to take part in a short telephone or video interview with the recruitment team.

You’ll always receive full instructions on how to complete the next step of the process. You should also receive a contact (including a phone number/email) in the recruitment team who you can chat to if you have any questions. Don’t be afraid to call them if you have any questions – they are there to help you.


The Assessment Day

If you make it through these steps, you’ll usually be invited to an airline assessment day. This is normally a whole-day event with many potential candidates attending – a chance for you to eye up the competition!

During these days, recruiters will screen potential cabin crew in exercises such as role-plays and group discussions, before interviewing the most promising applicants on a one to one basis.


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