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How to become cabin crew after high school

Working as cabin crew can be such an exciting career. You get to travel around the world and more importantly, get paid to do so. The image of wandering from one part of the globe to another while receiving respectful looks as you rush through bustling airports can be tempting. But how can you turn that dream into reality?

If you have the burning desire to become cabin crew you’ve got the first step covered. Passion for a career gives you the necessary drive. However, the passion itself isn’t enough. You must take certain steps that lead to the job you want.

Here are a few key tips for every aspiring cabin crew who wishes to pursue their dream after high school.


Pick your GCSE subjects intelligently

If you are still in high school, you can already start preparing for your future job. Choosing relevant GCSE subjects can benefit you when the time for a job search arrives. 

Going for Geography or a foreign language can help you attain knowledge that will be useful for cabin crew.

Also, many airlines require a minimum of 3 or 4 GCSEs with grades not lower than C. For example, British Airways requires that you have 3 GCSEs at Grade C or above.


Learn a second language

Although the knowledge of a second language isn’t compulsory, it can give you a competitive advantage. If you want to shoot for international flights, learning a second language will be necessary.

Many high school students choose a modern foreign language as a part of their GCSEs. If you’ve done that, reach proficiency by taking online courses that can be rather affordable nowadays.


Acquire experience in hospitality industry

Airlines give an upper hand to candidates with relevant work experience. Some companies list 1-2 years experience in the hospitality industry or tourism as a requirement.

To fulfil the demand, you should start looking for a job in a restaurant, hotel, resort, customer service agency, sales, and similar. You can even work part-time or find a summer job that will get you that experience.

Aside from meeting the criteria, working in the hospitality industry will teach you patience and improve your communication skills. 


Get a first aid certification

Another way to increase the possibility of getting hired is to get a first aid certification. Cabin crew will learn how to perform first aid and CPR during their training. However, you can outrival other candidates by already having the certificate.

If you wonder where to get first aid training, Red Cross is your best bet. Their centres can be found all around the country, and you can easily book the course online


Prepare for physical training

Physical requirements go beyond the desirable height and weight. You must be ready to endure standing on your feet for a long time, lifting heavy objects, and swim well. 

Some airlines have quite demanding swimming requirements. British Airways, for example, lists the ability to swim 50 m (55 yards) as one of the musts for cabin crew. So, head to the pool and start practising. 


Pay attention to requirements during the job search

Approach your job search attentively. You don’t want to waste time (or hope) on job positions that aren’t suited for you. 

As a first-timer, you should be aiming at entry-level cabin crew job posts. Bear in mind that different airlines can have distinct requirements, so read the job descriptions carefully. 


Your dream job awaits!

A cabin crew career is at the top of the most desirable jobs list. If you decide to pursue this career, the doors to seeing the world will be wide open to you. Also, you’ll get to meet new people daily and add many exciting tales to the book of your life. 

However, be aware that there is more to this job than travelling. Sleepless nights, long shifts, and seemingly never-ending jet lag are all part of the job. Be prepared for both the good and the bad, and nothing will stand in your way to proudly wear the cabin crew uniform. 


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